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The stapes removal technique, also known as a stapedectomy, helps remove the stapes bone and improve hearing. Despite the operation having a lot of advantages, some individuals report negative side effects, hence doctors advise against it. Here are a few arguments against stapedectomy that I will make....
Hearing & Balance

Can an ear infection prevent you from flying?

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or someone who is about to take their first flight. When your jet takes off and lands, you'll experience an uncomfortable and difficult to explain sensation in your ears. No matter how many times you've taken a flight, this feeling will eventually arise. Have you ever pondered why this happens or what the cause is?...
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Is your tinnitus noticeable to your doctor?

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14 unique facts regarding hearing loss that you probably didn’t know

The three basic types of hearing loss are conductive, sensorineural, and mixed. Conductive hearing loss caused by conditions such cerumen impaction, middle ear effusion, tympanic membrane perforation, otosclerosis, and cholesteatoma that affect the middle and external ears. In addition to inner ear damage, demyelination or degeneration of nerve cells that transmit information from the cochlea to the hearing-specific parts of the brain can also cause sensorineural hearing loss. Middle ear and inner ear, or auditory nerve, are both affected by the condition known as mixed hearing loss....