Can Braces Cause My Teeth to Fall Out and Loose?

If you’re concerned that having braces may cause your teeth to become weak, loose, or to fall out?

No, that’s the resounding response! Braces won’t weaken or cause your teeth to fall out, but you might have pain and discomfort after a few days, and your teeth might feel a little loose during the first two or three days after the braces are tightened.

Do You Need Tooth Extraction Before Getting Braces?

At ECMC Dental Clinic, our team of orthodontists offers both children and adults the finest calibre dental care possible through complex orthodontic treatment using cutting edge technology.

Can teeth fall out as a result of braces?
This might not occur because you need to visit our orthodontists on a regular basis before applying braces. Our doctors will monitor your development and modify your treatment as necessary.
Our orthodontists will create a successful treatment plan after doing a complete examination of your oral and periodontal health prior to beginning the treatment. Prior to beginning orthodontic treatment with braces, they will advise further procedures such as surgery or periodontal therapy if they are necessary.
There is almost no possibility that our experienced orthodontists will place braces on your teeth if you have bad periodontal health. Additionally, in rare cases, your therapy may involve tooth extraction.

Why do your teeth feel slack after having your braces tightened?
It’s normal to see a slight loosening of the teeth for the first two to three days after the braces are tightened. It happens as a result of tooth movement and modifications to the dental support structures. Your teeth are gently forced into the desired position when braces are placed on them. You will therefore experience pressure, pain, or discomfort on your teeth while your braces are tightened. Because the bone and periodontal tissue undergo various consequences and changes during this.

What are the benefits of visiting a periodontist before getting braces?
Therefore, getting braces is not as easy as it may seem. If your gums and teeth are inflamed, weak, or otherwise damaged, the problem may get worse. Your eligibility for treatment can be determined by a thorough dental exam.
Our doctors can take care of any oral issues you might have before braces are applied. Your gums, teeth, bite, and bone structure will all be examined. When assessing your dental health, it is important to consider both your age and any underlying medical conditions.
Make sure your teeth and gums are healthy before getting braces. Gum disease can be brought on by the wires, brackets, and clear aligners, which can also trap food and germs.

If you have periodontal disease, you must first receive treatment from our professionals before getting braces. Examples of therapies that should be carried out prior to the operation include:
Gum disease is treated with a comprehensive cleaning called scaling and root planning.
Surgery for pocket reduction: to get rid of bacteria and inflammation and let the gum tissue reattach.
Tissue Grafts: To provide you the greatest long-term outcomes possible from your orthodontic treatment and to improve the health of your gums.
Overall, having a thorough dental exam increases your likelihood of having successful orthodontic treatment. While delivering effective outcomes, our orthodontists ensure that their patients

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