How is Kinesiotape used in physical therapy?

One of the methods a physical therapist may employ to assist patients in regaining their previous degree of mobility is kinesiotaping. The technique entails applying Kinesio tape in specified directions in order to perform a variety of tasks, including:

Kinesio tape is used to treat injuries in conjunction with other therapies including manual therapy to reduce swelling and pain. It is thought to make a tiny opening between the skin’s underlying structures and the skin itself. As a result, muscle function and activation are enhanced.
Kinesio tape can support weak areas of the muscles and joints, providing additional support. It is recommended for people with patellofemoral stress syndrome, IT band friction syndrome, or Achilles tendonitis because it works well on tired muscles.

Muscle Retraining – According to study, feeling the tape on your skin makes you more conscious of how you are moving. Therapists thus also employ it to retrain muscles that have lost their ability to operate normally or have grown accustomed to a bad manner of working.
Preventing Further Injury – Kinesio taping can limit range of motion without preventing overstretching or over-contraction of damaged muscles or joints. It can aid in reducing cramps or spasms in muscles by improving circulation to overworked or exhausted muscles. Relieving Pain – Kinesiology tape is helpful in reducing pain even if it doesn’t contain any prescription or topical chemicals. It elevates the skin, which relieves strain on delicate pain receptors.

It stimulates pain pathways and suppresses.

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Kinesiotaping is seen as a supportive therapy rather than a long-term fix. The solution to the underlying issue remains the key to full recovery. Consult with the specialists at Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center if you’d like to learn how Kinesiotaping can improve your condition.

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